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Mathias Kringstad
Mathias Kringstad
Citizenship: Norway  Norway
1st league debut: 14.08.2019
Club: Unknown
Club-related results

This page displays the referee's record by club. It lists the results each club achieved with this referee, and how many cards and penalties were awarded to it and its opponents.

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for club
wappenclub WDL    
IL Hödd23000
Brattvag IL14002
Molde FK3002
Fredrikstad FK12000
Nardo FK5001
Florö SK9000
Bryne FK4001
Kvik Halden7000
Byasen Trondheim7000
Stjördals Blink IL3000
Baerum SK8101
Alta IF4001
Vard Haugesund6000
Nest-Sotra IL2000
FK Senja4000
Egersunds IK2000
Moss FK2000
Raufoss IL1000
FK Vidar4000
Skeid Oslo2000
Kjelsas IL2000
Ranheim IL2000
KFUM-Kameratene Oslo1000